Electric Vehicle Charging Installation can be a very complex and lengthy process, with countless regulations to keep in mind before, during, and after the installation. Many of these are dependent on the state and local jurisdiction of the subject property. Here at UPA, our top engineers are well-experienced in the EV charging industry, and ready to help and prepare for all of the possible challenges at hand.  Clients can use UPA to develop engineering plans for their installation projects so everything can be done under one roof. 

Not only can UPA help decide which type of EV charging station is best for you, but our engineering team can provide thorough and in-depth solutions for clients. Our goal is to be the turnkey solution provider for our clients; from design to product selection to installation and maintenance. UPA is your one-stop shop for all things EV.  


UPA is licensed and has 12+ years of experience installing, designing, and maintaining commercial EV charging stations across the country.  Our licensed professionals have experience with many different work sites including hospitals, schools, retail stores, commercial buildings, and more.   Our staff also offers full-service engineering to a variety of services outside of EV charging stations, including:

Meter Installation

Engineers and project managers can advise clients on the best way to handle large-scale meter deployments.

Street Lighting Engineering

Our decade-long experience in designing and executing street lighting repair and replacement programs is second to none.

Inspection and Maintenance Programs

UPA helps utilities design and execute inspection and maintenance programs on their aging infrastructure.

Private Locating

UPA's Private Locating division helps utilities mitigate expensive repairs to underground assets by using state-of-the-art equipment.