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Private Locating Services

Public versus Private Locating:
What’s the difference between them? Public locating deals with locating underground utilities in the public right of way. Private locating covers locating utilities buried on private property.

UPA’s Private Locating Division was created to help utilities and contractors identify the utilities buried underground in their service territory that may be in the direct path of planned excavation.

UPA private locating staff working on an underground locate


At UPA, we have several locating options to fit the need of each and every situation. In situations where we have wires we can hook to, we use a Vivax Transmitter. This machine hooks up to the utility pipe, wire, or cable and it produces a radio signal that travels through it and that helps UPA locate the underground lines precisely. We also use a Vivax receiver along with the transmitter to track the utilities from one point to another.

UPA also has solutions for utility lines that do not have metal in them such as PVC, polybutylene, and plastic lines. Another machine that helps us locate non-metallic pipes is a ground penetrating radar. This machine gives the locater an image of what’s under the ground and is achieved by producing a digital image of subsurface objects in the ground. An alternate option is to use a Fiber Optic camera to push through the pipes to track the location and see any damage that may be inside.

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UPA offers 6 years of relevant Private Locating experience and intimate knowledge of utility client requirements, procedures, business processes, and expectations related to said services.

UPA adheres to its utility clients’ stringent data security protocols and has been a trusted partner to the utility industry over the course of the last 25+ years.

UPA consistently identifies and communicates potential efficiencies and opportunities that can be used to improve business processes, lower annual operating budgets, and that support clients’ business goals and objectives.

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