EV Installation


UPA is America's premier installation services provider for all things EV!

Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations is what we do.  UPA has been doing it nationwide since 2010 and our team of licensed electricians provides the highest quality installation services to our clients.  From the engineering process all the way to the final signoff by government authorities, your installation project is in great hands with us.  We offer the following  support for EV Charging: 

  • Site design and permitting processes
  • Full-scale system installation
  • Maintenance & repair team for post-installation upkeep
  • Design team with expert engineers and technicians


Regardless of your business, there is always room for you to grow. Installing EV charging stations adds a whole new level of attraction for a piece of property. Not only is your business and/or property more likely to attract electric vehicle owners, but you are also adding a clear message to the community about your intent to help the environment. Doing this boosts your brand and improves reputation being that you as a business are helping the community become a better one. There are also customers who do not own electric vehicles who are more likely to support businesses that invest in bettering the community and the environment as a whole. 

EV Charging Solutions For Every Business & Property Owner.

For more than 12 years, we’ve been building the fueling network of the future.  Our team of technicians have delivered more places to charge than we can count, and organizations and utilities count on us for charging installations all day, every day.   Now that we have built a full turnkey design & installation solution to offer our clients, we look forward to working with you.  

Let UPA maintain and repair EV units post-installation.

Hire us to design your site plans, fully turnkey!

UPA can install your EV units or procure them for your site.

UPA are experts at installing all types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

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