professional services

UPA’s professional services guides their utility customers through large-scale projects, helping them augment their aging workforce. Additionally, UPA enhances their total productivity by leveraging talent, best practices and world-class industry software. 


Aim to cut costs, boost efficiency, and sharpen performance with UPA’s project management services. UPA offers the expertise, leadership, and analytical insights to help guide utility companies through special projects, important initiatives, and operational overhauls. UPA understands how hard meeting project cost and time objectives can be. Let our cutting-edge tools and strategies lead to a more cost-effective, streamlined operations.


UPA supports water, gas, and electric utilities by providing trained field technicians, engineers, line-workers, and other personnel, on-demand. Companies that utilize UPA’s staffing services increase their workforce on a temporary basis to address limited projects and maintenance work. Above all, in an industry pivoting to outsourcing, UPA personnel can tackle major workloads without permanently increasing overhead.


UPA’s professional services guides their utility customers through large-scale projects, helps them augment their aging workforce and enhances their total productivity by leveraging talent. Additionally, UPA connects utility clients with facilities and commercial vehicle fleets to help them grow their business and expand their operations. UPA’s access to service yards, warehouses, and commercial vehicle fleets throughout the country make it a preferred choice for utility companies looking to update, replace, or expand these critical assets. UPA also offers comprehensive management services for these facilities and commercial vehicle fleets, providing valuable security and logistical support.


UPA uses the latest industry technology—including field service management software and work order management systems—to help its clients perform at industry-leading levels. UPA’s workforce optimization software helps utility firms increase productivity, gauge field team performance, and analyze reams of actionable data. It all adds up to a transformative set of tools that can maximize efficiency and pinpoint cost-cutting opportunities.