inspection & maintenance

As a major utility service contractor, UPA carries out asset inspections, surveys and maintenance for electric, water and gas companies.  Let our 500-plus field service professionals nationwide take care of the service work that slows down general operations but can’t be neglected.


Transformers give electricity companies the voltage boost they need to transfer electrical energy throughout their service territory. Energy providers can’t afford to let their equipment malfunction or slip into disrepair. However, they don’t always have the staff to perform crucial maintenance and repair services. UPA has field service technicians trained and qualified to keep transformers operating effectively and without interruption.


Regular pole inspections and maintenance are vital for extending the longevity of this critical utility infrastructure. As a result, Utility Partners of America dispatches line crews and field service technicians throughout the country to inspect, maintain, and repair utility poles. UPA’s rigorous utility pole inspection protocol involves looking for defects and signs of decay, determining remaining service-life, and applying preservative treatments. In addition, UPA carries out pole load audits and load analysis so utilities can record, track and analyze the overhead assets and equipment that are vital to their day-to-day business.


UPA handles inspections for a wide range of water and gas fixed and linear assets, including pipes, fire hydrants, gas lines, and plant equipment. Also, our comprehensive surveys cover asset location, condition, and safety evaluations, and help utilities gain critical knowledge about their infrastructure.


Water utilities are committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. One of the most important channels for doing that is by preventing water contamination. Hence, UPA offers backflow prevention system installation, maintenance and repair services to water utilities across North America. Our goal is to ensure that these companies continue to protect their customers’ potable water supplies every single day.


UPA helps water utilities stay ahead of potential pipe bursts, service interruptions, and other inefficiencies with leak detection services. Experienced field service technicians address problem areas by using advanced electronic leak detectors to identify the exact location of the leak. The damage control protocol is then initiated.