Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

An essential piece of a successful Electric Vehicle Charging Installation includes a team to hold together technical and logistical issues that arise after the installation is complete. UPA’s maintenance and repair team can be counted on to keep your EV Chargers looking and operating as they did when they were first installed.  

Our service is available as often as needed, offering reliable and consistent help to make sure your stations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We will take care of all technical equipment and be ready to replace any parts if needed.  If any of your charging stations go offline or need repairs, UPA’s technicians can be counted on to provide to detect and resolve the problem. UPA has 12+ years of experience installing, designing, and maintaining commercial EV charging stations across the country.


In many cases, it is possible that EV charging stations can be damaged by weather events, faulty parts, poor maintenance programs, or other circumstances. This may cause damage to the station and ultimately keep vehicles from fully charging.  Our technicians understand these issues and can quickly and efficiently get your charging station back online and functioning. 


From time to time, certain locations seem to have a low voltage issue with either their Level 1, 2 or 3 chargers. Our team of qualified technicians is knowledgeable and available to troubleshoot power and battery issues and recommend solutions to property owners. 

Additionally, even if there are no issues found during our visit, general maintenance could be recommended and easily provided by our team to ensure everything is running properly. 

Our licensed professionals have experience with many different work sites including hospitals, schools, retail stores, commercial buildings, and more.