Choosing the right EV Charger

The most important consideration when choosing the right EV charging solution is determining what fits the specific needs of the people who will be using it.  UPA helps clients with these decisions, using our close relationships with the top Electric Vehicle Charging Station vendors.  A crucial step in the process is to identify what business use case our clients are trying to solve for. 

Understanding the needs and considerations of drivers such as charge point power, availability times for each vehicle, fleet duty cycles, and more is significant. Electric vehicles charging stations have different charging levels and this is the primary consideration when selecting your charging stations.


For installation of your EV Charging station in residential developments, it’s important to consider a variety of things like the convenience factor, cost efficiency, and ensuring a positive environmental impact on the community. For instance, determining the percentage of residents who do and don’t have access to street parking could help you choose whether on-street charging points are necessary. 

Alternatively, there are different factors to consider for charging stations for commercial workplaces. Determining who will be using your station, whether it is employees or guests will be important. Property owners can decide whether or not a charging station will generate revenue for their business.

All of these factors must be considered prior to any EV charging installation begins. UPA is confident that we are able to point you in the right direction and help you select the best charging station to solve your property’s charging needs.