Here are a few of the top reasons why a utility should consider hiring a contractor to install AMI

Why You Should Outsource Your AMI Installation 

While much of the utility industry has changed and evolved over the years with the advent of new technologies, one facet that remains as true as ever, is that time is money. In an effort to work equally as efficiently as they do effectively–all while upholding exceptional customer service standards–most utilities find themselves consistently on the hunt for new ideas or processes that enable them to excel at all of the above. 

Often, as is the case with the installation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), a wise option comes in the form of an outsourced specialist. Here are a few of the top reasons why a utility should consider hiring a contractor to install AMI over handling it themselves. 

Contractors have then needed experience and expertise 

One simply can’t understate the importance of partnering with experts who possess specialized knowledge. Although no one knows a utility’s service territory or their system better than the utility; you can be confident that when you contract with a third-party installer, you’re getting a team that has the requisite training and understands the intricacies of AMI installation. In addition, these contractors likely have the equipment and tools needed to complete the installations safely and efficiently, which means the utility does not have to purchase the needed equipment.

You get it done faster 

With experience, knowledge and focus, comes speed. Someone who is focused on and accustomed to installing AMI is bound to complete the job faster than a person who is not or who is responsible for a variety of tasks. That means less inconvenience for the consumer, a quicker return on your investment and a quicker return to regular operations.

You can prepare in advance and keep a more balanced budget 

When it comes to taking on new projects like AMI installation, you don’t know what you don’t know. When you hire an outside company, the contractor has in-depth knowledge about what it takes to complete the process. Because of that, you’ll have a good sense of what it will take to complete the project and you will be less likely to experience unexpected overages or surprise costs.

You can remain focused on what you do best 

Each utility is made up of professionals who are very good at what they do on a daily basis.  By going with an outside provider for your AMI installation, you allow your workers to continue doing what they’re good at—making your utility hum like a well-oiled machine.

Utility Partners of America can handle your AMI installation

Over the years, Utility Partners of America (UPA) has earned a reputation for being one of the best, most trustworthy AMI installers in the country. Many utilities just like yours have come to us to assist with their projects because of our team’s expert-level abilities to complete the job on time and on budget. If you’re interested in learning more about how we handle AMI installation, contact us by filling out this form or calling (888) 667-1411.