Why Locating Underground Utilities Matters, And How UPA Can Help

Once utility lines moved from overhead to underground, service reliability improved markedly. While moving and locating utilities underground helped to ensure continuity, it also ushered in additional layers of complexity and challenges.  Homeowners, landscapers, construction companies, and utility companies themselves no longer have a line of sight on these critical lines.  This means one unlucky nudge of a shovel could result in a severed line and interrupted service.

The only way to safely and smartly proceed with a project that involves digging is to locate all underground utilities before breaking any ground at all.  That’s precisely why Utility Partners of America (UPA) created its Private Locating Division. Our goal is to help utilities and contractors identify buried utility infrastructure that could be disrupted by an upcoming excavation.

Here are the top reasons underscoring the importance of properly locating utilities before digging and more information on UPA’s private locating services.


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