Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

Efficiency is key for utility providers.  Tasked with the job of supplying our homes and businesses with electricity, water, and gas. Along with striving for efficient operations, these companies must also prioritize excellence; all while staying ahead of problems that could result in widespread outages.

If a grocery store sells out of steak for three days, a few customers may feel inconvenienced but if an entire zip code loses power for three days, there will be thousands of inconvenienced customers.

Outsourcing specific services makes sense for utility companies and allows them to focus on the goals of delivering efficiency, excellence and low-cost, reliable water, gas and electricity to their customers. The functional areas in which you can outsource are nearly endless, and the benefits can be immeasurable. If you’re on the fence regarding the merits of outsourcing, here are a few reasons why your business will be better because of it.

You will gain access to specialized equipment  and knowledge

The type of machinery and equipment owned by utilities is complex and can be challenging to inspect and labor-intensive to maintain and repair. As an example, hiring full-time employees to handle responsibilities like transformer inspections and maintenance can seem downright daunting. So, why do it? By outsourcing these types of services, you’ll gain access to a much larger pool of skilled workers with the right tools and equipment. You will also eliminate the headaches of hiring and the red tape of recruitment.

You may prevent unnecessary downtime

Because outsourced workers are specialized, you can expect them to start quickly and complete jobs faster. These outsourced workers can help you avoid future interruption or work stoppages by spotting minor issues that could evolve into major problems in time.

You should be able to budget better

A solid outsourcing relationship can not only save you money, but it enables the utility companies to be more prepared with budgeting. Depending on the partner you seek out for services, you may be able to pay on a per-job or retainer platform. In either scenario, utilities can avoid overhead costs associated with full-time employees. Additionally, jobs that take longer than expected and run into overtime for employees will no longer be a concern.

You can focus on core competencies

We’ve already talked about how outsourcing certain services results in highly skilled workers taking on tasks. But you might be wondering where that leaves the current full-time employees that you have. With this model, these traditional employees get a chance to thrive by focusing on core competencies. While they may not work on certain tasks like pole inspections or leak detection, you can set them up for success by focusing their time and talent on the utility company’s core mission.

You could see a longer life on assets

The experience that outsourced utility workers bring to a job is worth a lot. More than just the short-term gains you’ll achieve through increased efficiency. You might even see long-term benefits by prolonging the health of your assets.

Outsourced teams bring with them a mastery of techniques involving installation, maintenance, and repair. These professionals will ensure your most coveted assets remain in peak condition for as long as possible.

Utility Partners of America has offered flexible and scalable outsourced services for more than two decades. Projects include meter services and inspection to moving overhead power lines underground and more. We’re proud to partner with utilities and energy co-ops around the country to build, inspect, maintain, and upgrade infrastructure.

If your utility organization is interested in outsourcing any of your services, we are the team you can trust. Contact us today to learn more.